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Graphic Designer, Digital Designer, Print Designer, Game Maker, Consultant, Product Designer, Art Director, Creative Director, Packaging Designer, Social Media Marketer, 3D Modelling Crowdfunding Expert, Screen Printer, Project Manager, UX Designer, Event Manager, Community Manager, Photographer, Visual Identity Designer, Exhibition Designer, Deck Designer, Web Designer, UI Designer, Logo Designer, Brand Designer, Rulebook Editor, QA Tester, Pre Press Designer, Screen Printer, Tabletop Game Publisher, Barista, 3x Aussie KLASK Champ, CATAN State Champ, and Pinball Wizard.

G'day I'm Jason ToToTam. I got my start working on brand and visual identity projects. For the past few years, I have been working in the video game and tabletop game industry.

I'm primarily a graphic designer and I love to help bring games to life. I worked with creators on Kickstarter games and award-winning game projects. I also worked at a tabletop game manufacturing startup designing products and learned more about board game production. 

I'm currently freelancing in the design and game industry as well as making my own games. 

My most recent game Fire Noodle Eating Champs: The Dice Game! was funded on Kickstarter in under 3 hours and ended 1477% past the funding goal.

I have worked with Tantalus Studios, Wicked Workshop, Mighty Games, Keywords Studios, Launch Tabletop, STELLAR Prints, Jellybean Games, APE Games, Quillsilver Studios and Brieger Creative.

"I'm delighted to share my experience working with Jason Tam, a talented graphic designer and visual artist. Jason has consistently delivered outstanding work on pitch decks, formal invitations and other documents for various stakeholders.

Jason has a fantastic ability to deeply understand project briefs, incorporating existing brand guidelines seamlessly. His attention to detail ensures that design elements align with project goals, creating a cohesive visual identity.

Jason's versatility shines as he caters to diverse audiences, delivering high-quality, polished work that is engaging. His designs not only meet expectations but often surpass them, leaving a lasting impression.

Beyond his technical skills, Jason's professionalism and collaborative approach make the creative process enjoyable. Clear communication and prompt incorporation of feedback ensure a smooth workflow, resulting in visually stunning creations.

I highly recommend Jason Tam to anyone seeking a graphic designer who combines artistic flair with a deep understanding of branding. I look forward to our continued collaboration and the continued success of his work."

Kim Forrest 
Head of Studio at Tantalus South: A Keywords Studio
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