Clients and Testimonials
I'm delighted to share my experience working with Jason Tam, a talented graphic designer and visual artist. Jason has consistently delivered outstanding work on pitch decks, formal invitations and other documents for various stakeholders.

Jason has a fantastic ability to deeply understand project briefs, incorporating existing brand guidelines seamlessly. His attention to detail ensures that design elements align with project goals, creating a cohesive visual identity.

Jason's versatility shines as he caters to diverse audiences, delivering high-quality, polished work that is engaging. His designs not only meet expectations but often surpass them, leaving a lasting impression.

Beyond his technical skills, Jason's professionalism and collaborative approach make the creative process enjoyable. Clear communication and prompt incorporation of feedback ensure a smooth workflow, resulting in visually stunning creations.

I highly recommend Jason Tam to anyone seeking a graphic designer who combines artistic flair with a deep understanding of branding. I look forward to our continued collaboration and the continued success of his work.
Kim Forrest 
Head of Studio at Tantalus South: A Keywords Studio

Jason was incredibly responsive, and professional, and lent genuine enthusiasm and passion to our project. We were so lucky to be able to work with someone who shared our vision and was happy to spend the time and make things work perfectly. We felt like we got more than we paid for with the speed with which Jason was able to make changes, his flexibility, and the extra touches he lent to the experience such as making a detailed overview of the meetings we had, as well as a full presentation of his ideas and a mood board. Would 100% recommend Jason for any board game design project, and looking forward to working with him again in the future!
Samara and David

Jason was prompt and professional to work with. He went above and beyond, and was capable of tackling anything we threw at him. I’m looking forward to working with him again!
Peter Hayward
Blue Beard Entertainment

Jason is excellent to work with. He took the time to understand exactly what we needed for our design and was very responsive during the entire process.
Chris Haskin
Nord Games
Project: TBA

Jason was exceptional to work with — his layouts dramatically improved an enormous gamebook, delivering key improvements in the legibility and usability of game materials beyond just aesthetic rework
John Brieger

I worked with Jason on a couple of game projects for Brieger Creative and Launch Tabletop. He is very organized, patient, good at communicating, friendly, and has a clear sense of details and the big picture.

John Velgus

Jason Tam was a joy to work with and a brilliant addition of value to our team. For a small organisation, his drive and self-determined attitude really helped to ensure that he was always setting valuable goals, and delivering. I would strongly recommend him for marketing and communication-related positions.
After about 30 years of using our old logo for the church we realised that it was no longer an accurate representation of who we were and in fact, it was probably a turn-off for people engaging with us for the first time. We knew we wanted a fresh look for our church but didn’t know where to go. After throwing around a few ideas and not making much progress we approached Jason to see if he could help us. He took the time to understand where we were and where we wanted to be and delivered a brand identity that could help us get there. The final result was not what we expected but exactly what we wanted!
John Hie
Brand and Identity Design

This is the second time I’ve worked with Jason now he just gets better! I’m in the process of starting up a podcast and knew that I’d need clear branding to communicate my ideas. Jason took me through a thorough process of defining, not just my brand, but my whole concept. After it, I not only had a visual identity that perfectly expressed the values of my brand but I had a clearer vision in my mind of my own business.
John Hie
Bending and Breaking
Brand and Identity Design

Thank you Jason! Your honest feedback and suggestions for my ideas show that you took the time to really understand what I wanted my logo to represent. All the very positive comments I’ve received from people are a reflection of your understanding of my brand and business.  Excellent work on my website too, it is exactly what I wanted. I am very happy with your work! It can be challenging when working with someone in a different country and time zone but that was not the case with you. Your ability to turn things around very quickly for my review and to deliver the final product within the agreed timeframe is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Jason to anyone looking for a creative professional with fresh ideas who will work with you to deliver a very high level of standard tailored to your needs.
Fi Tam
TAM Visa
Identity and Web development

Jason was a legend from beginning to end. I'm probably one of those clients who had something set in his mind and Jason was able to see the vision in my mind and refine it into the logo it is today!
Dr. Qikun Bao
The Face Jab
Design Consultation

Working with Jason as a graphic designer was honestly a pleasure. He was very enthusiastic, exploring the scope of work and how it can be utilised to direct his efforts. He also provided initial mock-ups for a general "feel" of what type of work would best be suited and further refined them according to our correspondence. The work exceeded expectations, and his enthusiasm and motivation to deliver a fantastic result are shown through both the final work but also his conscientious correspondence and desire to please. It has been a genuine pleasure and I can definitely say I would work together in future endeavours.
Dr. Ho-yeon Choi
Logo Design
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