Graphic Design, Brand Identity, Art Direction, Web/UI/UX, Print, Packaging, Product Design.

Launch Tabletop is a startup that specializes in offering tabletop-related products and services to creators and publishers. Their flagship service, Launch Lab, is an online print-on-demand production tool that enables users to create high quality prototypes and small runs of retail-quality games.

I was engaged to refining their brand and visual identity, and I continued to work on numerous print and digital projects. The visual identity integrates the original rocketry theme with tabletop gaming and the journey of launching games

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The previous logo (left) and my redesign (right).
Searching for Stars PAX AUS 22 - Rising Star Awards
As part of the TGDA's DevCon event at PAX22, The Rising Star Award showcased emerging tabletop game designers from Australia. Launch Tabletop, the event's sponsor, manufactured copies of the finalist games, with many first-time designers utilizing the Launch Lab platform to bring their game concepts to fruition.

In my role, I created the event's branding and promotional materials and participated in the judging and game production process.
Initiating Launch.
The Launch Kit was a promotional item included in LTT's initial activation campaign. It was distributed to tabletop creators and publishers to showcase LTT's mission and production quality.

As a member of the team responsible for designing and developing the Launch Kit and activation campaign, my key responsibilities included art direction, product development, and leading the development of the STELLAR and Robots and Rockets models. In addition, I created graphics for the email blast associated with the activation campaign.
Connecting with the Tabletop Community
In 2022, Launch Tabletop unveiled its website and Launch Lab service. Building upon this launch, the company utilized social media and Board Game Geek, the largest tabletop community site, to promote its services and enhance its visibility within the tabletop creator community.
As a member of the team, I played a role in designing social media campaigns, improving the user interface and experience, and contributing to the development of new products.

In 2022, Launch Tabletop introduced its website and flagship service, Launch Lab. Praised for its ease of use, the unique print-on-demand feature enables first-time creators to print professional-quality games at an affordable price.

The Launch Kit campaign was well-received on social media and through unboxing videos. Many creators utilized the supplied promo code to create their first project.

As Launch Tabletop continues to expand, the company is sponsoring tabletop conventions and events while collaborating with creators and the community to bolster its brand presence.
Client: Launch Tabletop
Sector: Tabletop game and manufacturing startup
Project Team: Allen Chang, Alannah Kearney, Carmen Ng, Eric Suen, Eris Alar, Jason Tam, Kate Finch, Lee Vaughn, Libby Wong, Manish Menaria, Steven Preston, Tania Walker
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