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Chung Chen Chinese Christian Church (5C) is a church based in Horsley Park. It has a Chinese and English congregation but has garnered a reputation as an exclusive Chinese church. The English service was rebranded with a name change to better serve the needs of the local multicultural community.

The English service was renamed Horsley Park Christian Church (HPCC). The rebranding strategy focuses on the idea of the king’s gift. This is based on the biblical story of the king's gifts and the history of its gifted land.

I was engaged to refresh their brand identity. My brief was to create a timeless and ethnically neutral identity whilst incorporating the church's Chinese heritage and the theme of the king’s gift. The visual identity needed to use default system fonts and royalty-free art that allow church members to create consistent church collateral.

The logo is a play on the Chinese word wang (王) meaning king. The design gives HPCC a unique cross that references its Chinese heritage. Brand colours were inspired by three wise men's gifts to the king gold, frankincense and myrrh. Helvetica and Arial typefaces provided a neutral and clean identity to focus on the message rather than the design. This simple graphic system allows all members of the congregation to create cohesive designs on their setups without downloading any special programs or fonts.

After about 30 years of using our old logo for the church, we realised that it was no longer an accurate representation of who we were and in fact, it was probably a turn-off for people engaging with us for the first time. We knew we wanted a fresh look for our church but didn’t know where to go. After throwing around a few ideas and not making much progress we approached Jason to see if he could help us. He took the time to understand where we were and where we wanted to be and delivered a brand identity that could help us get there. The final result was not what we expected but exactly what we wanted! - HPCC

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