Branding. Identity Design.
Pablo the Drawing Machine is an educational drawing robot. It is made by Polygon Door, a start-up technology company in the education space. Pablo is a robot that uses a pen to draw one line pictures created by students using coding software. It aims to teach kids basic coding principles through the process of making art.

This project was part of the UOWX iUnivate program. It is a program that involves teams of students from different disciplines collaborating with a start-up business to solve a business problem. A brand and identity refresh was part of a solution proposed to solve Polygon Door's business problems.

The new identity turns Pablo the Drawing Machine into a mascot for their brand. Hand drawn images and bright, bold colours contrast against competitors technologically focused branding. The new identity provides a clear visual representation of the functionality of Pablo. It positions the drawing machine as a creative drawing tool rather than a robot.
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