Peep Spotting

Peep Spotting is my upcoming "Where's Wally" style card game. The project was crowdfunded with a pay-what-you-want campaign and is my second Kickstarter to receive the converted Project We Love badge.

Be the first to spot the Peep in the crowd in this competitive "Where's Waldo" inspired search card game! Made using the Open Peeps library by Pablo Stanley. Each copy of the game a unique set of 14 peeps to spot.

Peep spotting is Launching on Kickstarter 1st May with a pay what you want campaign with each copy uniquely numbered and signed. 

Peep Spotting Launched on Kickstarter on May 1st with a Pay What You Want campaign. It raised over $4500 with 450 backers, gaining the Kickstarter Project We Love Badge.

What I Delivered
- Game Design and Development
- Graphic Design
- Game Production
- Art Direction
- Social Media Marketing
- Crowdfunding Campaign
- Publishing
- Project Management
Cat Spotting is being developed with Art by Liezl Ronquillo

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